SDR Basics, History.

A nice beginning are some of the articles is the link below.

 In particular the "A Software Defined Radio for the Masses" articles by Gerald Youngblood found towards the bottom of the page.

Articles how Quadrature signals work.

HP article on the basics of IQ digital data from/to a radio.

A free book on how DSP works, an excellent book.

Articles on DSP

Math Simulation software SciLab, software for analyzing data and plotting the results, very capable, can work with .WAV files as data.

Modeler for SciLab

SciLab Tricks and tips.

SciLab Toolboxes

Octave another math modeler

 Talk and models by Phil Hartman from talk at Dayton, it uses Excel to model SDR software, a good source of equations for the programs mentioned above.


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