Site and Personal information

Welcome to my personal Ham site.


My name is Cecil Bayona, I'm licensed as k5nwa and hold an Amateur Extra license. I live in North West Arkansas (NWA) which is located aproximately in the center of the United States of America.

I received my original license KD5NWA as a FCC assigned call letters. Later I saw that k5nwa had never been assigned to anyone so I applied for it to make my call one letter shorter. Besides the call has a nice ring to it.

My interest are varied but I have been fascinated with ham radio since I was 5 years old, I had an uncle that was a ham and I loved visiting him and playing with the radios (a Collins Man).

I can be reached at;

Cecil Bayona

503 Betty Street

Springdale, AR. 72762

+1 479 409 6834

k5nwa at sbcglobal dot net (substitute "at" with "@" and "dot" with "." after removing all spaces.

Skype k5nwa1

Most of the time I do not have it on, but if  you need to talk to me you can send me an email and let me know so we can workout a convenient time.

The Parts Place


Iā€™m in the process of setting up a ham radio and general electronics hobby parts store called ā€œThe Parts Placeā€. There are several reasons for it's existance not necessarily in the order of importance;

  1. Build a large stock of parts for personal use
  2. Be able to purchase and use parts at discounted prices
  3. A retirement business in an area that I love
  4. Help defray some of the cost of Internet hosting and domain names for this and other ham related sites.
  5. Love of the hobby, share devices with others at a reasonable price, and make devices not normally available within reach of hobbyist.

It has several goals;

  1. Reasonable prices.
  2. Discount at multiple levels.
  3. Quick shipping of orders.
  4. Reasonable shipping cost.
  5. Ever expanding list of available items.

My goal at present is to have 700 parts by 2015, although I have not "officially"  opened I still take orders so I can work out the bugs in the store. At present I have over 200 parts in stock and will be adding more on a monthly basis.

Eventually the plan is to not only have parts but also kits, and be a repository of information on projects using the parts I sell.

Send me an email if you know of parts that will be popular wither hams and I will consider adding it to my inventory.

Link to the Parts Place